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DNP: The Secret Weapon to Burn Fat

If you are seeking to shed body fat very quickly, DNP is what you're looking for. Be warned - DNP is very powerful and can be deadly when abused. However, if you're facing a situation where getting in shape for a show (when you're behing) is absolutely essential, DNP is an option.

The good news is that very few bodybuilders have died from DNP use. The scare tactics do exist for a reason, however. Many people have gotten very sick from DNP. Additionally, there are probably many cases of bodybuilders who have quietly passed away, or at the very least quietly suffered some serious side effects and recovered or retired, thanks to the use of DNP.

DNP is a yellow chemical used to make dyes. Simply put, it works in bodybuilders by elevating the metabolism - and raising the body's temperature by a few degrees. You know how you feel when you have a fever - sweating, chills, and constant discomfort? Welcome to a normal day in the life of a DNP user. On the plus side, however, you know how lean you look when you get over the flu? That will happen as well!

DNA works to deplete ATP from your cells, which causes the body to replace this energy with food (or stored body fat). In other words, the cells consume at a much higher pace than normal. How much? Take a deep breath. DNP can raise the metabolism by 40 to 80%. Yes, you heard right. If you are able to burn 2000 calories per day normally, you will now burn through 2800 to 3600 calories per day. Your body will be a furnace. You will be sweating yellow the whole time, however.

You will become weaker on DNP, so be prepared for that. Your lifts will suffer and you will feel depleted. You'll be able to consume more calories on your diet than you did off of it! However, you will need these calories to meet the new metabolic rate of your system. Many bodybuilders report they lose about one pound of body fat - per day - using DNP. Larger bodybuilders can lose even more. There are no real known dangers to the heart, liver, or blood pressure levels when using DNP.

Now that you've been able to savor the terrific fat-burning effects of DNP, let's check out the negatives. You will sweat profusely. It will have a yellow tint. You will have an odd odor, of chemicals. You will taste metal much of the day. If you use too much DNP, you run the risk of permanently altering your thyroid function. Additionally, it can lead to blindness. As you can see, it's not something to take lightly.

You take one 200 mg pill per day, and then you sit back and watch the body fat disappear. If you feel any serious illness or side effects, or your temperature goes above a sustained 101 degrees, it is definitely time to accept the fact that your body wasn't made to handle DNP and you need to see a doctor!