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Deca Durabolin

Looking for a multi-purpose testosterone that is useful steroid for both off-season gains and pre-contest cutting? If so, Durabolin might be just the drug for you!

IN the real (medical) world, Durabolin is commonly prescribed by doctors for treating patients with advanced HIV or cancer. It helps maintain muscle tissue, mass, and weight when the disease causes patients to quickly lose weight. As with many compounds, bodybuilding gurus kept their ears to the ground and discovered it. Suddenly it was quietly popular with bodybuilders, strength athletes, and others seeking a testosterone boost. The effects for bodybuilders include higher red blood cell production, muscle tissue repair, gains in size and strength, and increased aggressiveness. Many users also report loss of body fat, including subcutaneous, adipose, and visceral. The side effects are minimal. While there is a possibility of gynecomastia in long-term use, most users have no problems with it when using in short, measured doses. Testicular shrinkage does occur, due to the halting of natural testosterone production by the body. A little bit of help from your post-cycle therapy (PCT) friends can minimize this problem once you cycle off Durabolin.

Durabolin is useful for both men and women. Men benefit from a dose between 200 and 600 mgs per week. Women can get by with far less, averaging 50 to 75 mgs per week for maximum efficiency with minimal side effects. Durabolin is only active in the body for 5 days, which makes bi-weekly or even thrice-weekly shots a requirement. Despite this short activity, Durabolin can be detected in blood and hair screens for up to a full calendar use after use. Athletes competing in tested federations should steer clear of Durabolin, opting for harsher anabolics that clear the system much faster if the main goal is surreptitiously using the compound.

Some users of Durabolin aren't bodybuilders at all. The drug is well known for its ability to boost red blood cell production. This increases endurance and muscle stamina. While this is useful in the gym, it can make the difference between first and last place in track and field events. Additionally, for both athletes and bodybuilders, Durabolin helps the joints recover.

If you're interested in using Durabolin for a mass gain cycle, you should increase you caloric intake and reduce cardiovascular training to a minimum. You should also stack Durabolin with a tough oral such as Dianabol or Anadrol, along with a testosterone ester. You'll see some bloating and water retention, but that isn't to be feared. Consider it a "super dose" of that creatine bloat that is highly anabolic! For the pre-contest phase, stack Durabolin with test propionate and a leaning oral such as Winstrol or Anavar. These orals are much easier on the liver, which is important in that pre-contest cutting phase when you're not at 100% already, and could use the bulk of your recovery abilities. Give Durabolin a shot if it's available to you. Whether you're looking for an off-season boost of a pre-contest foundation, if you don't mind the water retention, Durabolin might become your new best friend!